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The The Flower Thief - 1233 Words

The ad that my partners and I analyzed is one with interesting components to it. This assignment made me think more about how ads convey the intentions of the creators as well as what one can interpret through studying the ad. My partners and I studied the Ray Bans still ad (pictured below) (Copyranter 1). Other people inspire people all the time so one of the first places to look at was any inspiration for this advertisement. It was found that the inspiration for this ad was Taylor Mead (Bans 1). Taylor Mead was an openly gay man who was an actor. He was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan in 1924 and died in 2013. During his life, he moved to New York City to live freely. While in New York City, Mead was an actor in the movie â€Å"The Flower Thief† and due to this, Mead caught Andy Warhol’s attention (Herd 1). Andy Warhol was a famous artist who created works such as performance art, filmmaking, and more ( Editors 1). It has been widely thought that Warhol was gay or that he was a voyeur who is someone who gains sexual pleasure from watching others being naked/engaging in sexual activity (By June 1951 1). Interestingly, after Warhol saw Mead in â€Å"The Flower Thief†, they started to work on films together such as â€Å"Tarzan and Jane Regained†, â€Å"Sort Of†, and â€Å"Lonesome Cowboys†. Eventually, a critic panned Mead, stating that in â€Å"The Flower Thief†, which was done without Warhol, Mead’s butt was viewable the majority of the film. This criticism led to Mead andShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Susan Orleans The Orchid Thief1257 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿THE ORCHID THIEF The Seminoles The Seminole Indians are a tribe of Native Americans who are based in Florida but have moved across further and also settled themselves in neighboring Oklahoma. Historically, the Seminole Indians have been successful traders, which are evidenced from their vast trading networks during the periods of Spanish and British colonization of the region. This explains their adeptness at facilitating the trade of rare orchid flowers from Florida to markets in other partsRead MoreEssay About Adversity By Liesel808 Words   |  4 Pagesportrait, I represented Liesels ability to overcome adversity by showing a bright flower sprouting out of the ashes and blooming. The environment the flower was growing out of was harsh and broken, just as Liesel when her family was broken and she couldnt read. The flower was able to bloom even through the ashes, as was Liesel because she couldnt read or write and got motivated to do so. The bright color of the flower represents the individuality of Liesel and h ow she thought, felt, and was differentRead MoreThe Book Thief Literary Analysis1198 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"I [Death] am haunted by humans† (Zusak 550). This example of imagery, a literary device, in The Book Thief juxtaposed how Death was haunted by the cruelty of human action, just as how humans were haunted by Death. Literary devices were implemented by authors to create gripping stories that they wanted to share with their readers. Novelist Aldous Huxley once said that â€Å"the essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about everything†. While casual readers may not realize the intricaciesRead More Twelfth Night Essay968 Words   |  4 PagesStealing and giving odor. Enough no more!† (1.1.6-7). He accentuates his original metaphor by personifying music and comparing it to a breeze that carries the flowers odor with it. Until line 8, Orsino does not mention his love explicitly. Instead, he establishes the feeling of yearning by referrin g to symbols of love such as music and flowers. Orsino ends his long speech with, â€Å"Even in a minute, So full of shapes is fancy./ That it alone is high fantastical.† (1.1.14-15). By stating that loveRead More Use of Symbols in Pauls Case Essay838 Words   |  4 Pagesbeing said. One of the many symbols in â€Å"Paul’s Case† is flower’s. From violets to carnations, the flowers Paul talks about are ones of many meanings. The flowers represent a continual motif, expressing Paul’s character. The narrator expresses the teacher’s views towards Paul’s flowers, â€Å"†¦his whole attitude was symbolized by his shrug and his flippantly red carnation†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Cather). Paul wears the flowers to symbolize his beauty for things. Living in a grey world, Paul needs something to fulfill theRead MoreBook Review : WeLl Catch The Thief1371 Words   |  6 Pageslooked like an oil painting, then the meadow was a poem that had had life breathed into it, every blade of grass a different sonnet, every flower another stanza of romance. â€Å"Yeah,† Gale agrees quietly. Madge looks up to see that the anger that had been boiling within him had simmered down, and all that was left was the feeling of exhaustion. â€Å"We’ll catch the thief,† Madge tells him encouragingly, touching his arm with her hand. His muscles tense beneath her palm, and she quickly removes her hand. Read MoreA drop of sunlight fell and landed, making a glowing yellow flower. A witch discovered this magical600 Words   |  3 Pages A drop of sunlight fell and landed, making a glowing yellow flower. A witch discovered this magical flower and found that it can restore her youth. The witch hid it beneath a woven basket and used it to stay young. The entire kingdom rejoiced when the Queen became pregnant, but she soon fell deathly ill. The knights looked for the magical flower the witch used and found it and brought it back the to the castle, where it was made into a potion and given to the Queen. Miraculously, the Queen recoveredRead MorePassing Time, the Thief of Life in John Milton’s â€Å"How Soon Hath Time† 1093 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"career† has a double meaning. It could be defined as a profession or speed. Time is taking away the speaker’s life quickly, but is also taking his career as a poet, into motion. Although the speaker seems to express pessimism, through words like â€Å"thief† or â€Å"Stol’n†, in the first few lines, he later admits that progressing through a period of time is necessary for the â€Å"Taskmaster†, or God, to allow him to become a better poet. Thus, Milton’s comparison of time to a bird suggests a foreshadowing ofRead More Pe rcy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Essay3103 Words   |  13 PagesMy original thought when comparing Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief the movie and Classical mythology was that there would be many more references to the myth of Perceus than any other myth throughout the movie in its entirety. That’s where I was wrong. After watching the movie again and researching the different hero myths my opinion has changed. My new thoughts are that the movie is not influenced by the myth of Perceus any more than other hero myths. The movie ties togetherRead MoreHeroin Addiction Essay1377 Words   |  6 PagesHeroin Addiction Heroin addicts have the psychological dependence on heroin that leads them into the state of self-destruction and the possibility of leading to death by the extreme use of heroin. Never estimate the poppy flower for its power that withholds the fiends to their mentality enduring the euphoria enslavement of the mind that contained for many centuries. The heroin addiction nation is a self numbing injection and dry approach to have the mind under the state of the greatest feeling of

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Reflection Paper On Reflection - 1076 Words

Final Exam With only 18 weeks into school, I am personally thankful for how much I have grown in composition writing. Going into Dublin Scioto High School’s dual credit program, I only knew how to write short story analysis papers, or your run-of-the-mill story reflection. After hearing I would have wrote a total of 5000 words minimum, I was left flabbergasted. Nevertheless, the challenges faced when writing these papers gave me an abundant amount of knowledge in transitional word use, and finally becoming comfortable with the drafting process. When writing my papers, however, I still would like to increase my ability to structure my papers with more confidence. Before this period of time, I would struggle with my transitional words, and†¦show more content†¦Consequently, I have slowly gotten better at paper structure as a whole. However, i’m quite not where I would like to be in how fast I am able to pick up on opening statements and thesis combination. For example, my classes writing project three was about video analyzes and using sources to backup your claim. Usually I would have flown through the opening paragraph of the writing and been well on my way to completing the paper in a timely fashion. This was not the case for papers that involve more of a â€Å"corporate† timely research if you will. Papers that I have written in the past gave me more of an ability to represent the creative side of my brain. In contrast, the previous papers were mostly about the writers choices and letting us [the writers] have a broad scope of environments to analyze. By allowing me to not focus on one particular observation I am able to let my mind run loose. Although I was able to pick the film or tv show to represent, I also had to have two sources that would integrate into the paper well enough to have them there in the first place. For me this is was a challenge and is something I look forward to getting better at as a write my projects /papers in the near future. Lastly, I accredit much to what I have learned this semester towards my ability to, rapidly and comfortably, dissect the drafting process. Through the teachings of Mrs. Eicher, her lessons, and the resources of books provided, I nowShow MoreRelatedReflection And Reflection Paper1097 Words   |  5 PagesReflection and Application When I started learning the first week of the module, I felt very perplexed when a question was asked about the difference between the leader and the manager (Kotter, 1990). In my initial knowledge, the leader is the manager, both of whom manage the staff. Until I saw a point of view from Kotterman, the fact that my understanding is too shallow. After thinking, I clearly discerned their differences, the leaders focus on inspiring and influencing followers, and on theRead MoreReflection Paper On Self Reflection757 Words   |  4 PagesSelf-Reflection paper I cannot help but think how useful this course has been. Reflecting on the content covered over the course of this semester I have seen growth, and how changes on my lesson plan that not only benefited every student but also changed my focused in using different methods of instruction to fit the needs of every individual student. I truly enjoyed that the course was divided into main topics to help me grow on a professional level. Each topic attempted to provide specific examplesRead MoreReflection Paper On Self Reflection1514 Words   |  7 PagesSelf-Reflection paper I cannot help but think how useful this course has been. Reflecting on the content covered over the course of this semester I have seen growth, and how changes to my lesson plan have not only benefited every student, but also changed my focused on using different methods of instruction to fit the needs of every individual student. I truly enjoyed that the course was divided into main topics to help me grow on a professional level. Each topic attempted to provide specific examplesRead MoreReflections Paper1552 Words   |  7 PagesComfort and Gods Glory Ray Kirby Liberty University In the decision to discuss two topics included within this reflection paper I have been led to discuss two doctrines that are close to all Christians. The comfort of God and the glory of God are the two doctrines that I have focused on over the last several weeks. The comfort of God has touched me at times over the course of my life however, never as much as it has over the last year. I wish to praise the glory of God as directed withinRead MoreReflection Paper On Personal Reflection1594 Words   |  7 PagesPersonal Reflection: 1. What is it like to participate in this project in general – what did you learn? I learned that there was much to teaching a lesson that I had not expected. For example, like I said in the paper earlier, Erin developed a misconception in the middle of the lesson. We had discussed misconceptions in class, but being forced to deal with a learner misconception on the spot really put a few ideas into perspective for me. 2. What was is like to have to target a learner’s ZPDRead MoreReflection Paper On Theological Reflection1475 Words   |  6 Pagessituations in which many others would be very overwhelmed. One example of this would be this past week. I had a TRP (four paged theological reflection paper) due in Old Testament, my first Old Testament exam and my first Chemistry exam. The day before my TRP was due my computer crashed on me and I lost my completed paper. Instead of panicking about the paper I had just lost, that had taken me two days to complete, and was due by midnight I started over and finished it ultimately acing it. The nextRead MoreReflection Paper1562 Words   |  7 PagesReflection Paper #1 Rhonda Carter Theology 104-D11 LOU April 15, 2013 I. Introduction This paper will be written to discuss the two topics I have chosen to write about for my first reflection paper. The topics I chose are spiritual gifts and love. When you start to think about it, these two things go together. If a person uses their spiritual gifts for the right reasons they will be doing it out of love for God. A lot of people these days do not use theirRead MoreReflection Paper On Ethics Reflection1730 Words   |  7 PagesEthics Reflection and Application Paper Laws, rules, and guidelines, whether implicit or explicit, have always existed to govern human behavior in both civilized and uncivilized societies. They may range from either Draconian or to Utopian in style and delivery, but they do exist. Some people view laws, rules, and guidelines as an infringement upon their rights as an individual to operate and function as they see fit while others view them as a necessary evil to maintain order and peace. One thingRead MoreReflection Paper1453 Words   |  6 PagesReflection Paper Shannon B. Payton Liberty University Introduction This paper is about reflecting on what was covered in Theology 104. There are many Christians who understand that God loves us and wants the best for His children. There are many subjects, videos, and extracted material that has been read or discussed over the span of four weeks which has given me a better understanding of the Bible and Christianity. My reflection for this paper I have chosen two topics that I have chosenRead MoreReflection Paper1450 Words   |  6 PagesJulia L. Garcia 1-19 THEOLOGY REFLECTION PAPER 1. What is the personal message/meaning of the creation stories from you? Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with the story of creation in Genesis. I must have been six or seven years old when I read it for the first time from the old Bible of my uncle. I remember being absolutely awestruck by the great power of God who ordered and things came to be.  At that time, I imagined the author of the Biblical text as being an eyewitness to

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Gender and Simon Effect Samples for Students †

Question: Discuss about the Gender and Simon Effect. Answer: Introduction There has been a lot of psychological studies which explained the fact that there are differences in cognitive abilities based on gender. Spatial as well as verbal abilities show differences based on gender. Simon effect is referred to as dependence to the time of reaction on any spatial correspondence of a response or stimulus which is irrelevant to the task. For example, if the subject is instructed to press the key P if the subject sees a right on the screen and the key Q if the subject sees a left appearing on the screen. The time of reaction for the subjects is referred to as the Simon Effect. It is assumed that the natural selection of cross generational process results in the mechanisms of psychology. This assumption is considered as an important assumption in the evolutionary psychology (Dolk et al., 2014). A lot of psychology test paradigms were introduced in the past years. One of them is the Simon effect. The aim of the Simon task was to process the stimulus of one dimension while ignoring the other. It was demonstrated by Groome Eysenck (2016) that Simon effect was dependent on the spatial relationship between the responses and the stimuli and less on the attention and concentration. It was observed from a study by Colzato et al. (2015) that the responses of the male in the Simon paradigm is faster than the responses by the females. Women showed a comparatively higher interaction effect between the relevant and irrelevant features than that of men. Differences in the reaction time has not been noted in the study conducted by Salzer, Hollander Forstmann (2017). This study is mainly addressed to test whether the Simon Effect is higher in women than in men. This indicates that this task will test whether women are more distracted with task irrelevant information if the information is present in an object which is not the object of target. According to a study by Stoet (2018) the performance of women was better than men in these situations. Research Question: Are females more prone to Simon effect than men? On the basis of the discussions done above, the following hypothesis has been framed to proceed with the study. These hypotheses have been framed in such a way that these will be useful in assessing the research question. The experimental hypothesis 1 (H1) indicates that there are significant differences in the reaction times between male and female member for relevant and irrelevant tasks. The null hypothesis is this case states that there are no significant differences in the reaction times while performing the Simon paradigm. The experimental hypothesis 2 (H2) indicates that there are significant differences in the congruent and the incongruent mean scores of different individuals. The null hypothesis in this case states that there are no significant differences in the congruent and the incongruent mean scores of different individuals. The experimental hypothesis (H3) indicates that the interaction between the average effects of gender and the average effects of congruence in an individual has significant impact towards the reaction time over stimuli for any individual. Thus, the null hypothesis in this case states that the interaction between the average effects of gender and the average effects of congruence in an individual has no significant impact towards the reaction time over stimuli for any individual. Methods: Design A 2 x 2 mixed design has been developed for this study. The variable for which the between variable effect was tested was gender and the variable for which the within participant effect was tested was the congruence level in the participants (Congruent or incongruent). The variable which was considered as the dependent variable in this study is the congruence or incongruence level in the participants. Participants For the purpose of the study, 150 participants were considered in the experiment. All the participants were aged above 21 years. This study needed an equal number of male and female participants. Thus, out of these 150 participants, 75 were male and the remaining 75 were female. To consider a participation with equally numbered male and female participants, the students undertaking the course in cognitive psychology of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) who were asked to participate in the experiment. There were 75 participants from the university and each of the participant were asked to recruit one participant of the opposite gender and not enrolled in the same course. This way, equal participation of male and female members for the study was achieved. Materials With the help of a computer, the CogLab experiment on Simon Effect was conducted and the results of the experiment were recorded. Procedure At the time of the online experiment, it is required that the participants fix their eyes to a fixation point. The fixation point is at first shown and then it disappears. After some time, red squares or green squares will appear on the screen which will appear to the right or left of the fixation dot. The task of the participant will be to identify the colour of the box as quickly as possible. If the participant makes a mistake in identifying the colour, the whole trial will be repeated. A minimum of 100 trials is conducted for the test. Results It has been observed from the results of the experiment that the mean score for both the congruent and the incongruent reactions in males is less than that of females. Moreover, it can be seen that the mean scores of overall congruence are higher in females than in males. The average of these results of the experimental output is presented in table 1. Table 1: Average score for congruent and incongruent reactions Gender Mean Male Female Congruence Congruent 644 689 667 Incongruent 694 753 724 Mean 669 721 To test whether there are any main effects of gender on the congruence scores for each of the participants, a two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test has been conducted. The results of the ANOVA test are attached in the appendix section. It can be seen from the tables that the significance value for the between subject effect of gender is 0.310, which is higher than the level of significance (0.05). Thus, the first experimental hypothesis is rejected and there is no main effect of gender. Main effect of congruence has been observed where the p value is 0.000 which is less than the level of significance (0.05). Thus, the second experimental hypothesis has been accepted. No interaction effect between gender and congruence have been observed as the sig value (0.467) is higher than the level of significance (0.05). Thus, the third experimental hypothesis has been rejected. Discussion The aim of this study was to test whether Simon effect is more in females than in males. Three experimental hypothesis was framed to test this claim. The first hypothesis stated that there is main effect of gender on the Simon effect. It has been observed from the results of the analysis that there is no main effect of gender on Simon effect. Thus the first experimental hypothesis stated above has been rejected. This has been contradicting the results to the study conducted by Stoet (2018). The outcome has been in accordance to the study conducted by Salzer, Hollander Forstmann (2017). The second experimental hypothesis has been accepted here. The second experimental hypothesis stated that there is a main effect of the congruence scores for Simon effect. Results showed that the mean scores for the two types of congruence, that is congruent and incongruent differ significantly with 95 percent confidence. The scores for incongruence is slightly higher than congruence. Thus, the results suggested that the participants with higher incongruence scores has more Simon effect. This has been accordance to the study by Duprez et al. (2017). The third experimental hypothesis stated that there were significant interaction effects between congruence and gender for Simon effect. From the results of the analysis obtained, it has been observed that the interaction effect does not exist. This indicates that both males and females has a higher incongruent score than the congruent score. Thus, this study has shown that females do not show higher Simon effect than men. This contradicted the results of the study by Barsalou (2014). No research paper can be conducted without any limitations. Though it has been seen that a lot of past studies have shown significant differences in the Simon effect by gender, this is not the conclusion that has been achieved in this research. In fact, no significant differences have been seen between gender for Simon effect. This contradiction in the results could have been obtained as the sample size selected for the research has been significantly small to conclude about the whole population. Moreover, the study was conducted within the students of the university and participants selected by them. Thus, the selection of the sample has also been biased. If these limitations can be taken care of, the results can be altered. References Barsalou, L. W. (2014).Cognitive psychology: An overview for cognitive scientists. Psychology Press. Colzato, L. S., Sellaro, R., Samara, I., Hommel, B. (2015). Meditation-induced cognitive-control states regulate response-conflict adaptation: evidence from trial-to-trial adjustments in the Simon task.Consciousness and cognition,35, 110-114. Dolk, T., Hommel, B., Colzato, L. S., Schtz-Bosbach, S., Prinz, W., Liepelt, R. (2014). The joint Simon effect: a review and theoretical integration.Frontiers in Psychology,5, 974. Duprez, J., Houvenaghel, J. F., Argaud, S., Naudet, F., Robert, G., Drapier, D., ... Sauleau, P. (2017). Impulsive oculomotor action selection in Parkinsons disease.Neuropsychologia,95, 250-258. Groome, D., Eysenck, M. (2016).An introduction to applied cognitive psychology. Psychology Press. Salzer, Y., de Hollander, G., Forstmann, B. U. (2017). Sensory neural pathways revisited to unravel the temporal dynamics of the Simon effect: A model-based cognitive neuroscience approach.Neuroscience Biobehavioral Reviews,77, 48-57. Stoet, G. (2018).Sex differences in the Simon task help to interpret sex differences in selective attention.

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U.S. Declaration of Independence in Spanish

U.S. Declaration of Independence in Spanish The following is a Spanish translation of the U.S. Declaration of Independence; it is believed to be in the public domain. Links are provided for the Spanish student to review some of the words and grammatical concepts used in this document. Comparisons can also be made with the original text of the Declaration. Cuando en el curso de los acontecimientos humanos se hace necesario para un pueblo disolver los và ­nculos polà ­ticos que lo han ligado a otro y tomar entre las naciones de la tierra el puesto separado e igual a que las leyes de la naturaleza y el Dios de esa naturaleza le dan derecho, un justo respeto al juicio de la humanidad exige que declare las causas que lo impulsan a la separacià ³n. Sostenemos que estas verdades son evidentes en sà ­ mismas: que todos los hombres son creados iguales; que son dotados por su Creador de ciertos derechos inalienables; que entre à ©stos estn la vida, la libertad y la bà ºsqueda de la felicidad; que para garantizar estos derechos se instituyen entre los hombres los gobiernos, que derivan sus poderes legà ­timos del consentimiento de los gobernados; que cuando quiera que una forma de gobierno se haga destructora de estos principios, el pueblo tiene el derecho a reformarla o abolirla e instituir un nuevo gobierno que se funde en dichos principios, y a organizar sus poderes en la forma que a su juicio ofrecer las mayores probabilidades de alcanzar su seguridad y felicidad. La prudencia, claro est, aconsejar que no se cambie por motivos leves y transitorios gobiernos de antiguo establecidos; y, en efecto, toda la experiencia ha demostrado que la humanidad est ms dispuesta a padecer, mientras los males sean tolerables, que a hacerse ju sticia aboliendo las formas a que est acostumbrada. Pero cuando una larga serie de abusos y usurpaciones, dirigida invariablemente al mismo objetivo, demuestra el designio de someter al pueblo a un despotismo absoluto, es su derecho, es su deber, derrocar ese gobierno y establecer nuevos resguardos para su futura seguridad. Tal ha sido el paciente sufrimiento de estas colonias; tal es ahora la necesidad que las obliga a reformar su anterior sistema de gobierno La historia del actual Rey de la Gran Bretaà ±a es una historia de repetidos agravios y usurpaciones, encaminados todos directamente hacia el establecimiento de una tiranà ­a absoluta sobre estos estados. Para probar esto, sometemos los hechos al juicio de un mundo imparcial. El Rey se ha negado a aprobar las leyes ms favorables y necesarias para el bienestar pà ºblico. Ha prohibido a sus gobernadores sancionar leyes de importancia inmediata y apremiante, a menos que su ejecucià ³n se suspenda hasta obtener su asentimiento; y una vez suspendidas se ha negado por completo a prestarles atencià ³n. Se ha rehusado a aprobar otras leyes convenientes a grandes comarcas pobladas, a menos que esos pueblos renuncien al derecho de ser representados en la Legislatura; derecho que es inestimable para el pueblo y terrible sà ­, para los tiranos. Ha convocado a los cuerpos legislativos en sitios desusados, incà ³modos y distantes del asiento de sus documentos pà ºblicos, con la sola idea de fatigarlos para cumplir con sus medidas. En repetidas ocasiones ha disuelto las Cmaras de Representantes, por oponerse con firmeza viril a sus intromisiones en los derechos del pueblo. Durante mucho tiempo, y despuà ©s de esas disoluciones, se ha negado a permitir la eleccià ³n de otras Cmaras; por lo cual, los poderes legislativos, cuyo aniquilamiento es imposible, han retornado al pueblo, sin limitacià ³n para su ejercicio; permaneciendo el Estado, mientras tanto, expuesto a todos los peligros de una invasià ³n exterior y a convulsiones internas. Ha tratado de impedir que se pueblen estos Estados, dificultando, con ese propà ³sito, las Leyes de Naturalizacià ³n de Extranjeros; rehusando aprobar otras para fomentar su inmigracià ³n y elevando las condiciones para las Nuevas Adquisiciones de Tierras. Ha entorpecido la administracià ³n de justicia al no aprobar las leyes que establecen los poderes judiciales. Ha hecho que los jueces dependan solamente de su voluntad, para poder desempeà ±ar sus cargos y en cuanto a la cantidad y pago de sus emolumentos. Ha fundado una gran diversidad de oficinas nuevas, enviando a un enjambre de funcionarios que acosan a nuestro pueblo y menguan su sustento. En tiempos de paz, ha mantenido entre nosotros ejà ©rcitos permanentes, sin el consentimiento de nuestras legislaturas. Ha influido para que la autoridad militar sea independiente de la civil y superior a ella. Se ha asociado con otros para someternos a una jurisdiccià ³n extraà ±a a nuestra constitucià ³n y no reconocida por nuestras leyes; aprobando sus actos de pretendida legislacià ³n: Para acuartelar, entre nosotros, grandes cuerpos de tropas armadas. Para protegerlos, por medio de un juicio ficticio, del castigo por los asesinatos que pudiesen cometer entre los habitantes de estos Estados. Para suspender nuestro comercio con todas las partes del mundo. Para imponernos impuestos sin nuestro consentimiento. Para privarnos, en muchos casos, de los beneficios de un juicio por jurado. Para transportarnos ms all de los mares, con el fin de ser juzgados por supuestos agravios. Para abolir en una provincia vecina el libre sistema de las leyes inglesas, estableciendo en ella un gobierno arbitrario y extendiendo sus là ­mites, con el objeto de dar un ejemplo y disponer de un instrumento adecuado para introducir el mismo gobierno absoluto en estas Colonias. Para suprimir nuestras Cartas Constitutivas, abolir nuestras leyes ms valiosas y alterar en su esencia las formas de nuestros gobiernos. Para suspender nuestras propias legislaturas y declararse investido con facultades para legislarnos en todos los casos, cualesquiera que à ©stos sean. Ha abdicado de su gobierno en estos territorios al declarar que estamos fuera de su proteccià ³n y al emprender una guerra contra nosotros. Ha saqueado nuestros mares, asolado nuestras costas, incendiado nuestras ciudades y destruido la vida de nuestro pueblo. Al presente, est transportando grandes ejà ©rcitos de extranjeros mercenarios para completar la obra de muerte, desolacià ³n y tiranà ­a, ya iniciada en circunstancias de crueldad y perfidia que apenas si encuentran paralelo en las à ©pocas ms brbaras, y por completo indignas del Jefe de una Nacià ³n civilizada. Ha obligado a nuestros conciudadanos, aprehendidos en alta mar, a que tomen armas contra su paà ­s, convirtià ©ndolos asà ­ en los verdugos de sus amigos y hermanos, o a morir bajo sus manos. Ha provocado insurrecciones intestinas entre nosotros y se ha esforzado por lanzar sobre los habitantes de nuestras fronteras a los inmisericordes indios salvajes, cuya conocida disposicià ³n para la guerra se distingue por la destruccià ³n de vidas, sin considerar edades, sexos ni condiciones. En cada etapa de estas opresiones, hemos pedido justicia en los tà ©rminos ms humildes: a nuestras repetidas peticiones se ha contestado solamente con repetidos agravios. Un Prà ­ncipe, cuyo caracter est asà ­ seà ±alado con cada uno de los actos que pueden definir a un tirano, no es digno de ser el gobernante de un pueblo libre. Tampoco hemos dejado de dirigirnos a nuestros hermanos britnicos. Los hemos prevenido de tiempo en tiempo de las tentativas de su poder legislativo para englobarnos en una jurisdiccià ³n injustificable. Les hemos recordado las circunstancias de nuestra emigracià ³n y radicacià ³n aquà ­. Hemos apelado a su innato sentido de justicia y magnanimidad, y los hemos conjurado, por los và ­nculos de nuestro parentesco, a repudiar esas usurpaciones, las cuales interrumpirà ­an inevitablemente nuestras relaciones y correspondencia. Tambià ©n ellos han sido sordos a la voz de la justicia y de la consanguinidad. Debemos, pues, convenir en la necesidad, que establece nuestra separacià ³n y considerarlos, como consideramos a las dems colectividades humanas: enemigos en la guerra, en la paz, amigos. Por lo tanto, los Representantes de los Estados Unidos de Amà ©rica, convocados en Congreso General, apelando al Juez Supremo del mundo por la rectitud de nuestras intenciones, en nombre y por la autoridad del buen pueblo de estas Colonias, solemnemente hacemos pà ºblico y declaramos: Que estas Colonias Unidas son, y deben serlo por derecho, Estados Libres e Independientes; que quedan libres de toda lealtad a la Corona Britnica, y que toda vinculacià ³n polà ­tica entre ellas y el Estado de la Gran Bretaà ±a queda y debe quedar totalmente disuelta; y que, como Estados Libres o Independientes, tienen pleno poder para hacer la guerra, concertar la paz, concertar alianzas, establecer el comercio y efectuar los actos y providencias a que tienen derecho los Estados independientes. Y en apoyo de esta Declaracià ³n, con absoluta confianza en la proteccià ³n de la Divina Providencia, empeà ±amos nuestra vida, nuestra hacienda y nuestro sagrado honor.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Reasons to Attend to University of the Arts in London Essay

Reasons to Attend to University of the Arts in London - Essay Example This institution (UAL) is not only one of the strongest school for art in UK but also the life in the nation especially in London and it is an ideal complementary to education.   In fact, London is considered as one of the most creative capitals in the entire world. The capital is renowned for its exhibition spaces that are of artistic runs, galleries, museums, landmarks of international standards, as well as rich history (UAL Para 1). The location is near perfect to be considered as a world class learning environment. I think it will help me in the development of my art skills. Furthermore, I feel settled in my choice of course, as well as, the institution since it is evident that the institution has significantly helped its students in achieving their dreams. Moreover, there are wide ranges of opportunities for development through their programs (UAL Para 2). I hope studying this course can improve myself and in my future career. Apparently, this learning institution has the larg est network for creativity in the globe. For an instant, the Alumni Association amounts to approximately 200,000 alumni inclusive of its former staff in about 148 countries. Moreover, they are also partnered and affiliated with agencies all over the world. In turn, it enables the institution and its stakeholders to share its passion for arts (UAL Para 3). I have not yet really known what I am choosing to do in the future but I am absolutely certain that I like design and architecture. However, my choice for settling for design and architecture is driven by several factors. The perception out there is that architecture is viewed as a life style and not a job besides individuals having respect for architects. Architects are perceived to be responsible and ethical since they often endeavor to make informed decision even if it is to their detriment. Besides, the tasks involved in architecture have been constantly evolving with time (Henderson 19).   Interestingly, the career is also c haracterized by longevity since individual have the leverage of practicing the profession for as long as they desire. In addition, a career in this field enables individuals to positively impact on the lives of individuals. This is because it tends to be rewarding when an individual has the leverage of developing a relationship with the client. If I pronounce that I have a particular design that affects me then it will be a white lie. In fact, I do not know of any architectural design that influences me. However, there are two type of architect design I have developed a liking for. They are green building and postmodernism. Green building (or green construction) is referred to the structure and the utilization of processes that are not only resource efficient but also environmentally responsible in the entire lifestyle of a building. It encompasses balancing the construction of a structure and ensuring that the processes are environmentally sustainable (Henderson 23). On the other h and, postmodernism architecture is a type of architecture that began in the mid 20th century but picked up in the 70s and has continued to influence architecture to the present day (Jencks 55).